Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sephora Nectar Shine

I had to stand in line to check out, which is no different from any other trip because Sephora on a Saturday is a nonstop place. This trip my eyes started to wander in the Sephora brand items. Store marketing skills are perfect because even though their store brand is in the back of the store it is in the perfect spot to catch your eye before you check out. Orange lip gloss! I fell in love instantly! Its name, Mango Shine, as soon as it hit my lips I knew we were starting a long lasting relationship. First with my favorite color being orange it had a few points over the other competitors like papaya or peach shine.                                                                             
 Mango Shine is a part of the Nectar Shine Hydrating Care Lip gloss Collection. Great for summer it has SPF 8 to protect the lips from the sun. If the name doesn’t give it away! The Nectar Shine Collection is all inspired by fruits and their smells are tasty. Other tasty flavors are raspberry, strawberry, grape, ginger, coconut, and quite a few more.
The gloss has a brush application and gives an orange tinted shine. I was able to build the color by adding a few strokes. You would think by adding more the shine would be over the top but I didn’t feel that way with this produce. It’s not sticky but it does have a slight gritty feel because of the shimmer. Nothing out of the norm for a shimmer gloss! It provides plenty of moisture to my lips. I love my lip balms and I have actually been using Nectar Shine as a moisturizer this week.
So it goes down as a BEAUTY-TUDE MUST!!!

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