Friday, March 25, 2011


The fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2011 almost reminds me of how much fun I had in the 80s. The Neon colours are making a big and bold statement again. Everything from makeup, accessories, and clothing have been showing off how exciting the season will be.  Celebrities have already been seen on the red carpet rocking florescent colours from electric green, hot pinks, popping purples, firing oranges, and even some lemon and lime. 
Hair styles are even joining in on this atomic colour event! There seems to be no limit to where neon can go.
The question is…Are you going to be ready to show off your Beauty Aditude with this Neon Trend?
Let’s look at a few picks for the season!
Is it a Beauty-tude MUST or
Beauty-tude NEGATORY ?????

 (Katy Perry) I give this dress a Beauty-tude NEGATORY
This dress is great for a celebrity like Katy Perry performing and making a statement. Please don't let me see this tu-tu dress on anyone walking in Target or Walmart. Love the color scheme though!

   (Drew Barrymore) A Beauty-tude MUST! This is a simple orange tub dress with the gathering at the knee. Something that could be worn to a dinner party with friends.

  (Willow Smith) Beauty-tude MUST! The daughter of Will and Jada Smith! She is making her own name in the music and fashion industry. She is young and having fun. Neon highlights as she whips her hair back and forth is just expressing what her aditude is all about.
  (Gucci ) Beauty-tude NEGATORY
Gucci showed off this look with a tapered pant. Not loving it at all! The tourquoise blazer could easily be paired with leggings to give an everyday feel.
 (Nike)  Beauty-tude MUST! Im not sure if you can go wrong in the world of sneakers.
 (Ruthie Mark) Beauty-tude MUST! This green is a knock out. The heel has the 5 inch or higher approval stamp.
 (Vibram) Beauty-tude UNSURE! These 5 finger shoes can be seen on bilboards everywhere. The color is amazing just a little unsure about the style. This shoe is representing the bare foot and gives a natural way for working out or other fitness activites. It will be something to experence.

 (Rihanna) Beauty-tude MUST! Rocking the Hot Pink lip. Adding the trendy look but in a subtle way.

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  1. Luv this post ! Good job girl, I agreed on everything w/ you here. I'm not sure bout those foot shoe thingys but hmmm they do look comfortable for round the house.