Monday, December 12, 2011

On a hair growth mission!

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Arch of purple

Although, orange is my favorite color! Purple works great with my eye color. When I found this picture
I knew I had to recreate it. I think it turned out really nice.
I plan on doing a video for YT so stay tuned for it soon.
Products used: Purple Tints in ELF Beauty Book (Bright Eye Edition)
Black in ELF Beauty Book (Smoky Eye Edition)
Sugarpills Poison Plum
Make Up Forever Aqua Cream: Shade 18
Ulta Extreme Wear Gel Eyeliner

Monday, September 26, 2011

A little color in my life!

I have been MIA for awhile but its time to get the blog going again.  Of course I'm obsessed with color so the first post is a fun playful look. The picture below shows all the products that I used.

Products Shown:
Sugarpill : Addicted To Pretty
Urban Decay: Narcotic
NYX: Milk
Milani:Infinate Black Eyeliner
Maybelline: Great Lash

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sinful Color Nail Polish Review

BEAUTY-TUDE MUST! If you love polish and want a few fun colors for the Spring/Summer Season to go with your Neon trend. Sinful Colors has you covered. They offer so many colors that even if you don't love the brightness you are sure to find something you love. Check them out!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sephora Nectar Shine

I had to stand in line to check out, which is no different from any other trip because Sephora on a Saturday is a nonstop place. This trip my eyes started to wander in the Sephora brand items. Store marketing skills are perfect because even though their store brand is in the back of the store it is in the perfect spot to catch your eye before you check out. Orange lip gloss! I fell in love instantly! Its name, Mango Shine, as soon as it hit my lips I knew we were starting a long lasting relationship. First with my favorite color being orange it had a few points over the other competitors like papaya or peach shine.                                                                             
 Mango Shine is a part of the Nectar Shine Hydrating Care Lip gloss Collection. Great for summer it has SPF 8 to protect the lips from the sun. If the name doesn’t give it away! The Nectar Shine Collection is all inspired by fruits and their smells are tasty. Other tasty flavors are raspberry, strawberry, grape, ginger, coconut, and quite a few more.
The gloss has a brush application and gives an orange tinted shine. I was able to build the color by adding a few strokes. You would think by adding more the shine would be over the top but I didn’t feel that way with this produce. It’s not sticky but it does have a slight gritty feel because of the shimmer. Nothing out of the norm for a shimmer gloss! It provides plenty of moisture to my lips. I love my lip balms and I have actually been using Nectar Shine as a moisturizer this week.
So it goes down as a BEAUTY-TUDE MUST!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


The fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2011 almost reminds me of how much fun I had in the 80s. The Neon colours are making a big and bold statement again. Everything from makeup, accessories, and clothing have been showing off how exciting the season will be.  Celebrities have already been seen on the red carpet rocking florescent colours from electric green, hot pinks, popping purples, firing oranges, and even some lemon and lime. 
Hair styles are even joining in on this atomic colour event! There seems to be no limit to where neon can go.
The question is…Are you going to be ready to show off your Beauty Aditude with this Neon Trend?
Let’s look at a few picks for the season!
Is it a Beauty-tude MUST or
Beauty-tude NEGATORY ?????

 (Katy Perry) I give this dress a Beauty-tude NEGATORY
This dress is great for a celebrity like Katy Perry performing and making a statement. Please don't let me see this tu-tu dress on anyone walking in Target or Walmart. Love the color scheme though!

   (Drew Barrymore) A Beauty-tude MUST! This is a simple orange tub dress with the gathering at the knee. Something that could be worn to a dinner party with friends.

  (Willow Smith) Beauty-tude MUST! The daughter of Will and Jada Smith! She is making her own name in the music and fashion industry. She is young and having fun. Neon highlights as she whips her hair back and forth is just expressing what her aditude is all about.
  (Gucci ) Beauty-tude NEGATORY
Gucci showed off this look with a tapered pant. Not loving it at all! The tourquoise blazer could easily be paired with leggings to give an everyday feel.
 (Nike)  Beauty-tude MUST! Im not sure if you can go wrong in the world of sneakers.
 (Ruthie Mark) Beauty-tude MUST! This green is a knock out. The heel has the 5 inch or higher approval stamp.
 (Vibram) Beauty-tude UNSURE! These 5 finger shoes can be seen on bilboards everywhere. The color is amazing just a little unsure about the style. This shoe is representing the bare foot and gives a natural way for working out or other fitness activites. It will be something to experence.

 (Rihanna) Beauty-tude MUST! Rocking the Hot Pink lip. Adding the trendy look but in a subtle way.

My personal collection

Purse I carried Today!

Thursday, March 24, 2011



I am hosting a 20 follower Sigma GIVEAWAY!

I love Sigma Brushes and it is so much fun to be able to share something I enjoy with my followers. Sigma offers quality brush and they come in fun colors. Colors to express your BEAUTY ADITUDE!

After I reach 20 followers on What's Your Beauty Aditude? and my Youtube channel ADITUDE IS BEAUTY I will pick a random follower to receive a gift from  Sigma Makeup Brush.

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Thanks and Good Luck

The Versatile Award

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7 Things about me
* I love chocolate
* I have 3 guinea pigs
* I have a degree in sociology
* Favorite color is Orange
* I love throwing gaming parties
* I am a beast in xbox360 Kinect Dance Central :)
* Would love to do a trip around the world

I am passing this award along to:

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Something just for fun and
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What was that I just used a Sharpie or an Eyeliner

I went to Walgreens to grab a card for a friend. It wouldn't be a complete trip if I didn't walk past the cosmetics area of any store I go in. In browsing a see a display for $1.99 products. Its Jordana Cosmetics and they have a few super cute eyeliner colors.
Could I really pass up paying $1.99 for a liner, NO!
I ended up purchasing 4 eyeliners and one being the COLOR Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner.

Have to say I didn't like it at all! I've used other felt tip liners and didn't have this feeling. It was more like taking a sharpie to my eye rather than a liner. This product would be perfect for makeup art but as an everyday liner, not so much!
I would love to try other products by Jordana but will stay away from the Fabuliner.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I’ve found the perfect makeup brush travel kit!
 I was never one to have separate items for vacations or weekend trips because I would just grab what I use daily and pack it up.  Yes, it would make my bags heavy. Yes, it would take up way to much room in my luggage that could have been used for shoes. I just didn’t have a clue!
Now I am glad I bought the Sigma Beauty Premium Travel Kit. It has 7 brushes
~ Tapered Face F25
Great for powder products! It is made from natural bristles, which means it can hold powder better. Be aware if you have sensitive skin some natural brushes may react negatively with your skin.
~ Duo Fibre Powder/Blush F15

As the name suggests this brush is a DUO (meaning 2) brush having both natural and synthetic bristles. I use this brush with my foundation!
~ Large Concealer F65

Synthetic great for those liquid products; helps me with the dark circles. After washing store in the plastic cover to help keep the original shape

~Large Fluff E50

Blending and lid application made with natural bristles
~ Small Shadder E20
Lid application and smudging made with natural bristles. This brush is for packing on the colors.
~ Small Tapered Blending E45

Blending and working those creases with natural bristles.
~ Small Eye Liner E10

                Great for doing those eye details and lines. Made with synthetic filament
Really cute packaging and love the sweet in pink color. It is more of a metallic pink that matches my travel bag. The travel kit comes in 4 colors hot in pink, stylish black, classy in silver, and my pick sweet in pink.
I did notice some shedding when I first used them. Too excited to try them out I didn’t wash them before using as recommended. After washing them a few times the shedding stopped so no worries there.  To avoid the shedding wash them first. The only thing I feel is missing from the set is a foundation brush. Although, I use the DUO Fibre and the Large Concealer could do the trick with my crème foundation. I really would prefer a travel foundation brush in the set.
A foundation brush would speed up the application process. I felt it took me little longer than normal without my foundation brush. That could be due to the comfort level I have with my daily brushes. Nevertheless, Sigma has a great set for anyone looking for a traveling set.

I know there are several travel makeup kits to choose from so definitely use this review and see what’s best for you.
I also did a quick review on my YOUTUBE Channel
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Thursday, March 10, 2011


To a consumer that has never seen tinted moisturizer, they may not know what to expect. At first thought, it sounds like a moisturizer that gives a tint or little color before the foundation or even maybe a primer. This is not the case! Tinted moisturizers are providing woman with a sheer color that will last the day in place of a foundation. Now if you are expecting to fully cover up blemishes, spot, or dark circles this is not the product for you. This product is only going to provide a little coating of color over your skin. It is actually perfect for a day outside or on the beach as many tinted moisturizers have SPF in them. Someone with normal to dry skin, older woman, or even teens are normally sure to love this product.
Those with dry skin will love the hydrating formula. Older woman won’t have the cakey feeling of a heavy foundation. Teens can have makeup but keep it light, natural, and youthful.
There are several on the market right now and as the spring/summer season rolls in, there is sure to be more advertising for new brands and formulas.
Stila Cosmetic- has a new formula for their SHEER COLOR TINTED MOISTURIZER w/SPF 20
* Oil free tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 protection 
* Water-resistant
* Light-diffusing pigments help reduce the signs of wrinkles
* Ginseng root extract and Gingko Biloba Leaf extract contain antioxidant that helps prevent aging
                                                                                  Clinique – is launching their New Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer w/SPF 15 just in time for spring
*oil free
 * Instant Moisture while giving a natural hint of color
*Covers imperfections with a hydrating touch
* Available in 6 shades

My drugstore favorite is CG Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisture
~ Sheer coverage with high moisture
~ Glides on smooth and easy (I can use a brush or my hands)
~ Four shades of fair to light, light to medium, medium to dark, and deep
~ Provides a natural look for all day wear
I originally bought this tinted moisturizer because it was on sale. I wanted to see if it gave me any coverage and if it would last all day. It was really nice to see that it was a sheer coverage that I could wear to the park with my kids or other outings without putting my everyday foundation on. Sometimes you just have those days you need a quick look. I still add a neutral blush, natural eye, a little gloss and the kids and I are out the door. Definitely, would recommend it for those outdoor and running late days.


  Saturday, makes 1 week for my new blog. To celebrate I will be doing a GIVEAWAY!!!! To enter you must be a follower of the blog and on twitter! You also will need to email or DM me twitter, WHAT YOUR FAVORITE COLOR IS! The winner will be selected on Saturday at random.

Thanks for the support


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St. Patricks Day March 17th!
I decided to do a few looks for St. Patty's day and this is look #1. This is my pot of gold look! It can be worn to a party/
gathering or during the day to make a fun statement.
I will list products used soon..

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ulta-Free Gift

Ulta is running a free gift promotion. If you miss it they do it pretty frequently so no worries! You purchase $17.50 of Ulta Cosmetics and get a 15 piece free gift. The free gift was pretty nice. I used one of the palettes today to make a natural look for work.
I used the Ulta Eyeshadow Quad (Truffle, Trendsetter, Platinum, and Granite)
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So I finally made it to MAC to see the Jeanius Collection that launched last week. I was a little hesitant when I saw the shadows! Although they had the cute jean look the colors looked similar to others I already have. BUT of course without thinking I put a few swatches on my hand. Completely surprised! The texture of the Jeanius Collection actually gives a "denim" feel. The Motorhead color, which is the darker blue, has a pigmented stain but light. It’s easily blended and can be used when you want the lightly colored natural feel. All the shadows in this collection could be used together or  separate with no problems. They definitely get a beauty-tude approval!
The blushes on the other hand, I did not buy! They were way too pigmented for a blush. If you are looking for colors that can make a statement or you have a dramatic photo shoot. These blushes are perfect! If your purchasing for your personal everyday collection, Not so much. Instead, my eye caught the Crèmeblend display (I’ll do a separate review for that)
The lipsticks I loved in the Jeanius Collection. They are all great fun colors to play with for spring. MAC may come out with a new collection every minute but this I love and aside from the blushes is a beauty-tude must have.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Start It Off With A Fresh Peach Face!

Let's start this blog with a fresh peach!

I absolutely love the way a peach and oatmeal facial makes my skin feel! I do this facial about every two weeks to exfoliate.
This facial contains all natural products so no worries of added chemicals on your skin.   alpha-hydroxy acids which are a great exfoliant. This ingredient can be found in several store bought facials and moisturizers. Peaches can also help with dark spots and wrinkles. Honey kills off bacteria and reduces swelling that could be caused from acne or blemishes. It also works to reduce fine lines. Let’s look younger for cheaper! Oatmeal is hypoallergenic and has amino acids that soften skin. Leaving your face feeling smooth and sexy!
OK Now with all that said let’s get started
Facial Ingredients:

1 small Peach

1 tbsp Oatmeal
1 tbsp Honey

~~Slice peach leaving skin on and cook on medium heat until easily mashed with a fork (REMOVE SEED)
~~Put cooked peaches in blender and add 1 tbsp of honey. Blend until smooth
~~Add 1 tbsp of oatmeal then blend until a creamy texture
***Before applying make sure face is clean and dry.  Makeup and the days dirt/oils don’t mix with a fresh facial ***
~~Gently rub mixture over face and neck and let sit for 15 to 20 mins
~~Rinse and pat dry